Get equipped. Be empowered. Engage the church.


We are raising up the next generation of true worship leaders by equipping and empowering students to use music, art, and technology to engage the church in Christ-centered worship.

Current high school students are invited to register along with their chaperones. College students are invited to apply for one of our internships.

Students can choose one of three tracks for the week: music, digital arts, or AV technology.

What to Expect

Camp Schedule

Theology of Worship

What does it mean to be a worshipper? What is Christ-centered worship? What is the difference between corporate and continuous worship? How does understanding these things transform me as a worship leader? Dr. Joshua Waggener from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary will guide us as we search the Bible for these truths.

Core Tracks

How can I get better at serving my church in my role? What do I need to know? In what ways can I practice and improve? What resources are available to me?

You will choose your role and attend these classes where you will receive in-depth, hands-on training from a coach who is experienced in the church context and believes in your potential to be a leader.

Worship Choir

Why does God want us to sing? Why are choirs still relevant? How I do blend my voice and sing in harmony with those around me?

Richie Kingsmore, Dove Award-nominated arranger, composer, and orchestrator, will be leading this student choir.

Language of Music

What music theory do I need to know to be effective in modern worship music? How can I communicate with other musicians and speak their language?

Whatever your skill level, in these classes you will listen critically to songs and learn the vocabulary and terminology of music as you also learn how to make it conversational.


What are some things about worship I have always been curious about, but never had a chance to learn? In what ways do I want to dive deeper or hear new ideas?

Coaches and chaperones who want to teach these breakouts will be offering answers to your questions.

Evening Worship

What does Christ-centered worship look like? Is it about style and songs? How can I know how God wants to use me?

Each night, our camp pastor will preach and convey the Word of God to us in ways that are convicting, challenging, and central to Christ. We will be able to respond in song, led by various musicians and artists modeling true worship, and in prayer, realizing our need for God in our lives and churches.

Family Groups

How will I get to know other students? How do I make all of these things practical to my own life and church?

After evening worship, you will gather with a small group of students similar to you and reflect on what God is doing in your lives and revealing to you. This discussion will be facilitated by an adult chaperone or coach, who will be your spiritual “parent” for the week.

Student Worship Academy 2019
Student Worship Academy 2019

Community Night of Worship

The last night of the Student Worship Academy will be a Night of Worship led by our students and staff. Churches, families and friends are invited to join our community as we come together, sing and encounter God. This is our chance to unite from across our churches, regions and separations as one church, one community and one people in Christ.

Dates, Location and Cost

July 13-17, 2020

Campbell University
Buies Creek, NC

Student Cost:
by January 31 –  $299
by March 31 – $324
by May 31 – $349

Chaperone Cost: $199 

The Student Worship Academy is a ministry of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.
For more information about our ministries, please visit, and

Student Worship Academy 2019
Student Worship Academy 2019