What is the Student Worship Academy?

The Student Worship Academy is a ministry of the Baptist State Convention of NC. We believe in raising up the next generation of worship leaders across our state in order to pursue a greater awakening of Christ-centered worship in our churches. A worship leader is not just the person with the microphone—anyone who serves on a music or media team, up front onstage or behind the scenes, is a leader. This camp will provide the training, community, and experiences necessary for you to better serve the church.

When and where is it going to be?

The Student Worship Academy is hosted at Campbell University in Buies Creek, NC. The camp is held on July 13-17, 2020.

What does the cost include?

The cost includes 14 meals and lodging for 4 nights, Monday through Thursday. In addition, students will receive chord charts or lead sheets as well as vocal arrangements of the 8 camp songs. An abundance of relevant training resources will be offered to students throughout their experience with the Student Worship Academy.

Can I attend if I’m not a member of an NC Baptist church?

Yes, this camp is open to all denominations of churches that align with our mission of engaging churches in Christ-centered worship. South Carolina churches are also invited to come and bring students.

Is this an overnight camp?

Yes, for students and chaperones it is expected that you will be on campus for the duration of the camp. If you feel like you may need to commute for any reason, please contact us with your concerns.

Who can be a chaperone? Is this mandatory?

Any trusted adult over 21 and of your gender can be your chaperone, but someone involved in the leadership of your church’s student or worship ministry will especially get a lot out of the camp experience in the form of community, connections, resources, and encouragement. College students under 21 are allowed to be chaperones if they are on staff with your church. Chaperones will have the choice to teach elective breakout sessions and lead family groups if they want to share their passions and wisdom with students.

It is strongly preferred that your church send an adult chaperone with your students. If you have any concerns about this, please contact us with your specific questions.

How many chaperones do we have to send with our students?

We require you to send one gender-specific chaperone for five students of that gender. If you are sending male and female students, we expect that you will be sending male and female chaperones. If you have trouble finding chaperones, let us know (studentworshipacademy@gmail.com). We do not want this to prevent any student from coming!

Are there scholarships available?

We are currently looking for sponsors and donors to provide scholarship funds for students who can’t afford the camp fee. If money is an issue for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we can discuss your situation. Also check with your local church to see if there are any funds to assist you. Note that you are able to fill out the registration without payment, but your spot is not reserved until you make your $150 deposit.

Can I come if I’m not a high school student?

It depends! If you are a college student then you can apply to our College Internship Program to serve alongside our coaches and camp leadership team. If you are a middle school student and would like to attend, we can discuss this with you on a case by case basis. If you are an adult interested in seeing this community firsthand, check out the question below.

This sounds like a great opportunity! How can I serve?

If you’d like to support this ministry, there are several ways you can get involved. If you are interested in teaching, then you could come down in the afternoons and teach elective classes on topics you think students would be curious to learn more about. If you have sound equipment, instruments, or resources that you would like to contribute for the week, we may be able to use these to more effectively train our students. If you are part of a worship team and are interested in leading an evening worship session that will model dynamic, authentic, and Christ-centered worship, then this is another area of service. Most of all, you can serve by praying for our prospective students, our coaches, and our leadership team as we work to ensure an impactful week to the glory of God and build this community.