Student Worship Academy

College Interns


The college intern application window opens January 1 and will be closed when spots are filled. We will let you know about your selection in a timely manner that depends on your completion of the application and your references responding promptly.

If you are a current college student with a passion for worship and discipling young musicians, artists, and technicians, we invite you to apply for one of our internships!

The Application Process

Choose Your Position(s)

You have the opportunity to apply to at least one of the following positions. If you apply for more than one, you will be considered for each but only selected for one as these are full-time roles for the week.

Teaching Assistant

Contributing to core track times of instruction with the adult coach, demonstrating and explaining concepts, opportunities to make musical disciples, having potential to lead evening worship with other assistants.

Media Specialist

Managing and generating social media content including photos, videos, and blog-style posts to effectively capture the students and stories of the camp, assisting in other media needs.

Administrative Assistant

Shadowing the Camp Director and sharing emcee duties, handling the behind-the-scenes logistics of making all the pieces of the camp work together, ensuring coaches and classrooms have all resources they need, organizing details for the elective schedule.

Tell Us About Yourself

You will have the chance to thoughtfully respond to a series of questions and discuss why you are interested in gaining leadership experience at the Student Worship Academy, and why we can count on you to shoulder the responsibilities of being an intern. The depth (not necessarily length) of your answers will allow us to prayerfully determine if you are a fit for the culture and mission of this camp.

Contact Your References

We want to hear from some of the influential people in your life who can tell us more about you and how they have seen you grow in the local church and on your campus. These references must include one of your pastors, another church leader, and you have the option of including a third person of your choice.

Next Steps

After you click “Submit”, we will contact your references and review your application. If you are able to demonstrate that you resonate with our vision, purpose, mission, and core values and have the skills necessary to accept responsibility for your role for the week, then we will reach out to you and let you know of next steps. If you are not selected, please remember that these free spots are limited and your participation in this ministry would only be an extension of the ways you can currently serve the church. Expect to hear from us about next steps within two weeks of when we receive your letters of reference.