Student Worship Academy

Become a Sponsor

If you believe in the purpose of Student Worship Academy and would like to make a contribution towards raising up the next generation of true worship leaders, we have several levels at which you can give—each with unique benefits we can offer in return. All contributions are eligible for a tax credit.

Giving accumulates from level to level. For example, if you would like to sponsor two students for $400 as a Benefactor, then an additional $100 contribution will grant you the perks of a Patron.

Be Our Sponsor (coming soon)

Be Our Sponsor (coming soon)

Supplier – Equipment

Donate | Lend

If you have any extra instruments, accessories, audiovisual equipment, computers, cameras, or anything that could benefit our instruction this week, please consider donating them to us permanently or lending them to us temporarily. We do not want a student’s lack of personal equipment to prevent him or her from getting the training they need.

As a Supplier, you will receive a tax receipt for your donations. We will tag any equipment you lend us and ensure its careful use and return.

Benefactor – $200

Sponsor an Internship | Fund a Scholarship

Give in this way to cover the expenses of our college interns and help defray the cost of the camp to students in need. We will put you in touch with the beneficiary who receives your gift so that you can hear their story and how your investment has made an impact.

As a Benefactor, you will receive a personal connection with a student whose growth you are making possible.

Patron – $500

Digital Presence

Giving at this level will allow us the flexibility to make investments for some of the overhead costs of the camp and enable future growth in the Student Worship Academy community.

As a Patron, your brand or organization will receive a digital presence which includes a logo on our website, a logo in our email communications, and a featured social media post.

Partner – $750

Digital & Physical Presence

Giving at this highest level of sponsorship will serve a similar purpose as the Patron level, but this above-and-beyond contribution grants you the benefit of a physical presence as well as a digital presence.

As a Partner, you will receive the digital package in addition to the opportunity of having an on-campus presence during the week of the Student Worship Academy, which can include setting up a display table outside the main auditorium, teaching elective classes, having contact with students and adults from churches across NC and SC, and more.

Disclaimer: Per Campbell University policy, other institutions of higher education are not allowed to actively recruit students while on campus. If you are a sponsor from another college or university, the highest level of sponsorship benefits you can hold are that of Patron.